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Bey Hurt, President

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The Peace Jubilee Brass Band

In the spirit of the great American Peace Jubilee of 1869 under the direction of the noted musician and composer Patrick S. Gilmore comes the Peace Jubilee Brass Band.

This band presents the latest and the most favorite tunes of the late 19th and early 20th century using historic over-the-shoulder brass instruments that were commonly used by community brass bands across America after the Civil War. To add to the occasion, the band will appear in appropriate dress to add to the authenticity of the event. The music is comprised of polkas, quick steps, schottisches, marches, and even waltzes, where couples are allowed to embrace each other—scandalous!

Listen to a sampling of the sounds of the PJBB.


The band performs for military balls and ballroom dancing, gazebo concerts, dedication ceremonies, military reenactments, and historical demonstrations. Please call (517) 423-4441 or email for further details.

photo: Library of Congress

See and hear a full range of original 19th-century saxhorns, selections of period music, and historic costumes.